Who We Are

Project Millennium, Inc. is a private consulting firm, specializing in direct marketing and sales in Houston, TX. We are contracted by large corporations and Fortune 500 clients and represent their brands with passion and professionalism throughout the retail industry. We are highly experienced in customer acquisitions and pride ourselves on increasing our client’s market share and our ability to develop new marketing managers for them.

We have built our WordPress Blog to recognize the team that forms our marketing and sales firm. We may be biased, but we believe our company houses 20+ of the most enthusiastic, compassionate and ambitious professionals that Houston has to offer. We are proud to boast a diverse work dynamic with former athletes, scholars, and most importantly, driven team members. Project Millennium, Inc’s team members exemplify our motto of “Your Brand is Our Biggest Project” through teamwork and high standards.

What is the culture like at Project Millennium, Inc? Fun, friendly, and energetic are just at the start of the list. We promote growth and advancement based on performance, not on seniority. We make sure to balance work and play by incorporating weekly team nights for the crew all around Houston. We believe team unity is built by doing work you’re passionate about with like-minded people, and we believe we’ve mastered this concept. Interested in learning more? Visit our website or contact us today!