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Master Your Commute With Our Top Podcast Recommendations.

Did you know the average person spends over 200 hours a year commuting to and from work? That is almost nine days! Imagine what you could accomplish in that amount of time. Our recommendation – Podcasts! With hundreds of topics, podcasts are the perfect way to learn a new skill or expand your knowledge of a subject. That is why Project Millennium Inc has come up with a list of our top podcast recommendations. Work your way from the top or bottom because every podcast is worth a listen.


1) Eventual Millionaire

Take a lesson from the Millionaires and Billionaires of the world themselves in this podcast. Jaime Masters has conducted over 350 interviews to gain some of the greatest insight out there. In the podcast, Eventual Millionaires, listeners will have light shed on different topics such as avoiding obstacles, how to be successful, and other motivational topics. We highly recommend listening to this show.

2) Entrepreneurs On Fire

This podcast is HOT! Not simply because of its name, but because of its content. In this show, listeners can hear personal stories from thousands of entrepreneurs on their personal stories to success. Everyone shares a different story, but there is something to learn from everyone’s story. You can also hear valuable advice on how to create strategies to transform businesses into something bigger.

3) Mixenergy

This podcast is perfect for those looking to learn new entrepreneurial skills. Mixenergy offers tons of free courses focusing on startup, growth, and priceless business tips. As a fun bonus, every podcast comes with a complimentary transcription so that you have every lesson in writing.

4) The Growth Show

Who isn’t looking to grow to new heights? On The Growth Show, each episode focuses on the active growth phase. Learn tips and tricks on how to continue to grow your business from a wide range of professionals. Take our tip and grow with this podcast.

5) Youpreneur FM

Branding is everything when it comes to having a presence in this world. In Youpreneur FM, Chris Ducker talks about building your personal brand. Gain the best advice on how to build your brand from scratch, advertise, and monetize yourself from the best there is.

6) The School Of Greatness

This show is centered around self-growth. Who couldn’t benefit from that?! Instead of featuring guests from one specific industry, this podcast believes in diversification. Hear from professionals from a wide range of industries to gain insight in all areas of business. The overall topic of each episode is centered around their greatness. Attend this school by listening daily.

We hope that you are excited to dive into all of our recommendations! From shows on business advice to stories to keep you motivated, your daily commute will be something you look forward to. Don’t limit yourself simply to your commute, consider adding Podcasts into other areas of your life such as your workout, while you clean, or other activities. From all of us at Project Millennium Inc, happy listening!

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