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How To Be A Master Networker

By our very nature, human beings are social creatures that rely on others. This is why successful business leaders make it their goal to master networking techniques. They understand that the key to self-development is building a strong network of people that will provide mentorship and motivation. Networking is a passion of ours here at Project Millennium and we have decided to share our skills with you! Below are eleven tips that will help you become a master at connecting with those around you.

  1. Be authentic
    • Show people your true, genuine colors. Your honesty will be noticed and appreciated.
  2. Genuinely care
    • When you care for others, you will see your generosity returned tenfold.
  3. Be open
    • To create deep connections with others, they have to truly know your character.
  4. Follow up and follow through
    • Don’t be the friend that is constantly canceling plans or showing up late. Be reliable. Build trust that you are someone that will always follow through and show up when it’s important – even when it’s not!
  5. Offer value first
    •  Be of constant service to others without asking for anything in return. You are working to create genuine relationships. When you are there for others, they will be there for you.
  6. Show appreciation
    • Verbally tell people how much you value them and explain why! No one can know what your thoughts are unless you tell them.
  7. Don’t be afraid of strangers
    • You literally cannot expand your social network if you only choose to network with people you know. Break out of your comfort zone and say hi to a stranger!
  8. Know, like, and trust
    • Use this as a rule of thumb before networking and building relationships with people. You must know them, like them, and trust them in order to build an authentically deep and meaningful connection!
  9. Network out, up, down, and sideways
    • Do not discriminate who to network with. Everyone has something to offer; you just don’t know what it is yet. Network outside your industry or social circle. The change of thought processes will add tremendous value to your long-term thinking.
  10. Do housekeeping
    • Have you looked at who’s currently in your social circle/network? If you wouldn’t want someone as a friend, you don’t want them in your business either.
  11. Embrace your personality
    • You don’t need to become the extroverted butterfly; you just have to engage with people. Find a way to let others know that you’re thinking about them. A few simple texts, emails, or phone calls every few days will go a long way.

One of the many reasons that our business is thriving here at Project Millennium is because we are made up of many different personality styles. We embrace our differences and use them as a tool for growth. By networking with one another and creating strong bonds, we are constantly developing our leadership and business skills. We hope that these tips help you create a network of people that you can learn and grow with. Happy networking!

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