Meet Our Resident Go-Getter, Derek Franck

Here at Project Millennium, we value our team members above all else. This month, our highly motivated account manager Derek Franck, has given us the pleasure of discussing with him the road to success and his personal experience in the industry.

Derek Franck was born and raised in Houston, Texas. As a kid, Franck was an outgoing and athletic risk taker. “I think my parents were in a constant state of worry that I would jump off of a house for fun and break something,” jokes Franck. The natural athlete could be found on the baseball field or practicing martial arts. “Those sports helped me develop a strong sense of discipline and an appreciation for hard work,” says Franck, “They showed me that putting hard work into something will always yield results.” Fun fact about Derek, he has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do!

Before starting with the Project Millennium team, Franck worked as a legal assistant for a reputable law firm, and an assistant manager and bartender at Hans Bier Haus. Despite his presence in the adult world, Franck has never lost that sense of wonder and adventure he held as a child. “Skydiving changed my life,” says Franck, “It showed me that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can lead to some of the greatest experiences in life.”

Franck began his journey with our team on September 27th, 2018. “I immediately noticed that the energy in the place was through the roof,” says Franck, “the family-oriented mindset that everyone has amongst themselves was very refreshing. Seeing the ping-pong table as a conference table was a pretty unique sight to me.” Beyond the initial atmosphere, Franck quickly found the culture of Project Millennium to be perfectly fitting for him. “Everyone there is there to be constantly improving themselves along with everyone around them,” says Franck, “that kind of culture is exactly why I love working there.”

“I never would have guessed that I’d be in this field,” says Franck, “I learned how to be a leader to others through this career. I didn’t realize that surrounding yourself with leaders and constantly growing yourself would have such stunning results. It changed my entire mindset when it comes to self-development and planning for my future.”

As for his future, Derek Franck has no plans of holding back. At this rate, the account manager’s goal is to be promoted out by September of 2019. With a work ethic like his and our team behind him, we know that Derek Franck will achieve that and much, much more.

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