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Meet Kafoa Tamini: A Driving Force on the Project Millennium Team!

In early October, our team had the pleasure of conducting a one-on-one interview with Kafoa Tamini, an account manager here at Project Millenium. Project Millenium is a sales and marketing firm located in Houston, Texas. Tamini has been with the company since February of 2018, and has found great success as a member of our team and beyond.

Kafoa Tamini is from Burkina Faso, a West African country where he spent the majority of his life, before heading to the U.S. for college. As a kid, Tamini was very social and always surrounded by people. “Volleyball, handball, and basketball were my favorite sports,” says Tamini, “as an athlete, I was able to compete with other cities in my country, and it taught me to be disciplined and be a part of a team.” Tamini credits his experience as an athlete to his ability to be social and make friends, while also instilling him with a sense of pride and self-worth. “People trusted me when it came to competition,” says Tamini, “My teammates looked to me to lead, and I was very proud of myself.”

On May 8th, 2015, Tamini headed to America to pursue his education. The young professional headed to the University of Houston, taking language courses to learn English and prepare him for the business world he had always wanted to work in. Following those courses, Tamini successfully mastered his 5th language, with plans of tackling a 6th. Following his time as a college student, Tamini found himself searching for a job, and quickly found a home at Project Millenium. “My main focus was to be the greatest person I could be,” says Tamini, “Project Millenium has given me the best job I’ve ever had, allowing me to use my talent, leadership, and influence.”

On February 28th, 2018, Tamini began his career at Project Millenium, and has been progressing at lightning speed ever since. “When I first started with the company I was so unfamiliar with the commission system,” says Tamini, “the system of payment wasn’t something I was 100% thrilled about, but I stayed because of the culture.” It is that exact culture that has made Project Millenium such an enriching environment for all of our team members. “There are so many different people coming from different countries in this company,” says Tamini, “People speak different languages and teach each other about their experiences. My team has pushed me to learn a 6th language-Spanish.”

In his time with the company, Tamini has learned a lot about the industry. “I’ve learned how to run a business,” says Tamini, “I always wanted to be a business man, and now I know exactly what I will be facing when I eventually own my own business.” In addition to this industry knowledge, Tamini cites new skills such as conducting an interview, making sales, and learning about the customer service experience.

As for his goals for the future, Tamini hopes to become an ICM owner and consultant within the company, but in his own way. “I plan to bring this business back to my country,” says Tamini, “our business industry is dominated by European companies, with no American companies. I want to bring this business back there and be able to compete with all of the telecommunications companies in my country.” It is this exact sense of drive and motivation that pushes Tamini to improve this industry every day. Where many lesser professionals may feel burnout or fear in the face of these goals, Kafoa Tamini maintains his sense of strength and drive. “I’m not done yet,” says Tamini, “I am willing to invest myself in many different things and want to provide opportunity to others so we can all grow forward.”


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