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Servant Leadership: Why & How You Should Incorporate It

Everyone defines leadership differently, but there are a few things that remain constant. Here at Project Millennium, we categorize a leader as someone who acts with intent; intention with their words, intention with their actions, and intention with their thoughts. What remains constant when defining good leadership is discipline and structure, along with drive. No… Continue reading Servant Leadership: Why & How You Should Incorporate It

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From the Classroom to the Salesroom

The moment you’ve been preparing for and working hard for is here - college graduation! Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far! With the world now at your fingertips, are you wondering what you should do for a career or which direction you should go? We have the answer for you with a position in sales… Continue reading From the Classroom to the Salesroom

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Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

            Have you ever found yourself in an uncomfortable situation? Of course, you have! Being uncomfortable is an inevitable part of life. The key is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. What does this mean? For us here at Project Millennium, Inc., it means pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, having a hard-working attitude, and… Continue reading Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

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Maintaining Your Momentum in 2021

We have officially reached mid-January 2021! It feels strange no longer being in 2020, the year where the world turned upside down. But, now that we’ve reached this new mile marker, our team here at Project Millennium, Inc. is eager to start working on our goals. Before we give them the go-ahead, we wanted to… Continue reading Maintaining Your Momentum in 2021

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2020 – A Look Back At Our Year!

The team at Project Millennium, Inc. can all agree that the past 365 days were filled with highs, lows, growth, development, and so much more! With the unexpected pandemic, many of our usual plans were shifted and changed; this did not alter our spirit, though! We feel closer than ever, even though we're more virtual… Continue reading 2020 – A Look Back At Our Year!

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Leadership Lessons Learned Throughout the Years

            At Project Millennium, Inc., being called a leader, is an honor. We have high standards for our leadership team, and to be a part of it means that you have proven yourself worthy. Throughout the years, leadership has evolved not only in our office but in our entire industry. With time comes progress, and… Continue reading Leadership Lessons Learned Throughout the Years